Our employees are among the most valuable assets of our company. Therefore, we are very sensitive to hire the right candidates to carry on this journey together.

We are currently hiring English language trainers in Helsinki Metropolitan area (Uusimaa). A suitable trainer should have the following qualifications:

  • a certified English language trainer as well as sufficient experience in working with children
  • passionate and patient in working with children
  • creative and flexible to design lessons and activities to operate effectively in the classroom
  • having Criminal Record extract certificate and clearance (Rikosrekisteriotehakemus: lasten
    kanssa työskentely) as advised via the Ministry of Labor’s website.

If it’s you, please send us your resume/CV, application letter as well as other related documents via (employment.elcc.fi@gmail.com).

Furthermore, each applicant is required to prepare a video of himself/herself. The applicant should describe why s/he is a suitable trainer to teach the English language to the children at ELCC. The video can be uploaded in any public video centers like YouTube and its link must be sent us along the application. The video should be minimum one minute and maximum two minutes long. The title of the video should be “Why I am a suitable trainer for ELCC”.

Then the selected applicants will receive a reply from us to participate in the job interview either on the phone or face to face. In this stage, the applicants are also required to prepare the second video in which they should plan a lesson.

Note 1: Criminal Record extract certificate is only required when you successfully passed the second stage of our employment procedure. Therefore, when you apply for trainer’s position, it is not mandatory to simultaneously send it.

Note 2: the instructions for producing the second video will only be sent to those applicants that successfully stepped into the second stage.

Note 3: Applicants with backgrounds both in teaching and marketing are mostly preferred.

Please contact us related to the employment at ELCC via (employment.elcc.fi@gmail.com) and phone number: 0468476404 (only between 16:00 – 18:00)

Good luck with your application!