Tiedote Vanhemmille

Syksy / Fall (Autumn) 2022

Uudet englannin kerholaiset! Ensimmäinen kerhotapaaminen on tutustumiskerta, joka on maksuton.

Englannin kurssit 3-6 ja 7-9 -vuotiaille

Kielikurssi auttaa lapsia puhumaan englantia paremmin!






  1. Parts of the Body

Target Vocabulary: Head, Eyes, Hair, Nose, Mouth, Hands, Fingers, Shoulders, Tummy, Knees, Ears and Toes. 

Target Sentences: Clap your hands! Open/close your eyes. Touch your nose, ears, … . Wave your hands, Shake your head! What is it? I have stomach, ear, … ache, Look! Listen! And many other examples!

2. Animals of the Farm

Target Vocabulary: Sheep, Cow, Calf, Horse, Goat, Chick, Pig, Rooster, Hen, Dog, Cat, and Kitten. 

Target Sentences: What is missing? The ….. is missing. Do you like the horses? I have got a ….. . I love the dogs. How many …..? Your turn. Who is next? How many points? And many other examples!

3. Sandwiches

Target Vocabulary: Egg, Cheese, Sausage, Lettuce, Tuna, Ham, Chicken, Butter, Tomato, Cucumber, Sandwich, and Bread. 

Target Sentences: What are you eating? I am eating ….. . What do you like? I like …. . Have you got …..? ? I like/do not like ham! And many other examples!

4. Table Setting

Target Vocabulary: Fork, Knife, Spoon, Plate, Bowl, Glass, Cup, Mug, and Bottle. 

Target Sentences: Let’s set the table! Could you please give me a …. This is a fork. There are six knives. Chicken is on the plate. And many other examples!

Note: each topic has at least one or two related songs that the children practice and learn how to sing with their trainer as well as with other pupils over a semester.