Tiedote Vanhemmille

Kevät / Spring 2023

Uudet englannin kerholaiset! Ensimmäinen kerhotapaaminen on tutustumiskerta, joka on maksuton.

Englannin kurssit 3-6 ja 7-9 -vuotiaille

Kielikurssi auttaa lapsia puhumaan englantia paremmin!






  1. Transport

Target Vocabulary: Car, Bike, Motorbike, Taxi/Cab, Train, Plane, Bus, Van, Tractor, Truck, Boat, and Helicopter.

Target Sentences: Where is my bike? Here! , Over there! , How far can your plane fly? Look! Traffic light! Green light! Red Light! Move/Stop! Do not move! And many other examples.

2.  Fruits

Target Vocabulary: Apple, Banana, Pear, Grapes, Lemon, Cherry, Orange, Strawberry, and Blueberry.

Target Sentences: I’ve got an orange. I’ve got a pear. What are you eating? I’m eating banana. How many? Throw the dice. Whose turn? My/your turn! And many other examples.

3. Garden Animals

Target Vocabulary: Bird, Bee, Spider, Butterfly, Hedgehog, Snail, Worm, Frog, and Ladybug (Ladybird).

Target Sentences: Draw a butterfly! Please give me a frog. Do you like spiders? Yes, I do! No, I don’t! What is this? This is a hedgehog. And many other examples.

4. Places

Target Vocabulary: School, Home, Store/Shop, Library, Airport, Movies/Cinema, Hospital, Railway Station, and Swimming Hall.

Target Sentences: Where are you going? I am going to school. How are you going to the movies? I am going by car. Where are/were you? I am home! I was at railway station. Let’s go to the swimming hall.

Note: each topic has at least one or two related songs that the children practice and learn how to sing with their trainer as well as with other pupils over a semester.