Tiedote Vanhemmille

Syksy / Fall (Autumn) 2021

Uudet englannin kerholaiset! 

Englannin kurssit 3-6 ja 7-9 -vuotiaille

Kielikurssi auttaa lapsia puhumaan englantia paremmin!

Ensimmäinen kerhotapaaminen on tutustumiskerta, joka on maksuton.


  1. Family

Target Vocabulary: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Baby, Grandmother, Grandfather (ELCC 1 & 2) + Cousin, Uncle, and Aunt (ELCC 2 & 3) as well as the colors; Red, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, and Green and so forth.

Target Sentences:  Have you got a sister? How many brothers have you got? How old is your sister/brother? S/he is ……. years old. ! Whose turn!? Your turn! Who is missing? Well done! And many other examples.

2. House

Target Vocabulary: Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, Kitchen, Window, Door, Ceiling, Floor (ELCC 1 & 2) + Chimney, Roof, and Wall (ELCC 2 & 3)

Target Sentences: : Where is the bedroom? Where are you? Here I am! I am in the living room. Who is in the bedroom? How many doors/windows are there? There is one door and three windows. Where do you live? I live in the green house/home. And many other examples.

3. Furniture

Target Vocabulary: Bed, Table, Chair, TV, Couch/Sofa, Light, Toilet, Shower, and Fridge (ELCC 1 & 2) + Cooker, Curtains, and Rug (ELCC 2 & 3).

Target Sentences: What is it? It is a chair. Where is the table? It’s in the bedroom. Have you got a bed in your bedroom? Yes, I have. What is its color? What are you cleaning? I am cleaning my table and chair in my bedroom. And many other examples.

4. Pets

Target Vocabulary: Dog, Fish, Rabbit, Cat, Lizard, Parrot, Mouse, Snake, and Turtle/Tortoise (ELCC 1 & 2) + Spider, Hamster, and Guinea Pig (ELCC 2 & 3).

Target Sentences: Have you got any pets? Yes, I have. What is it? It is a dog? Have you got a rabbit? No, I have not. Do you like the cats? Yes, I do. No, I don’t. How many lizards? There are two! And many other examples.

Note: each topic has at least one or two related songs that the children practice and learn how to sing with their trainer as well as with other pupils over a semester.